A school education planning specialist preparation course


Course objectives : 

1.  Gain the skill of educational and school planning, strategic planning, and future studies / educational management information systems.
2.  Knowledge of educational management theories and processes and basic concepts.
3.  Acquiring the skill of educational leadership and “human relations and educational administration ethics.”
4.  Knowing the functions of educational human resource management.
5.  Forming positive trends towards the use of technology in educational administration.
6.  Analysis and criticism of educational policies and planning techniques.
7.  Learn the foundations and concepts of educational and school planning.
8.  Comparison between the different theories and methods in the field of planning and educational policies.
9.  Analyzing and evaluating various methods and information in the field of educational planning and policy specialization.
10.  Conclusion of the best methods in the field of educational management and planning.
11.  Acquiring basic skills in the field of educational planning and international project management on self-education through the student’s self-study without a teacher and taking the exam.


Course Content:

1.  Educational planning.
2.  Micro planning and educational maps.
3.  Strategic Planning.
4.  Educational administration.
5.  Strategic planning and management thinking.
6.  Educational leadership.


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