The Professional Diploma in Education


Diploma Content :

  1. Teaching skills and methods.
  2. Curriculums.
  3. School and educational administration.
  4. Comparative Education and Educational Thought.
  5. Educational Technology.
  6. Teaching and learning systems.
  7. E-learning systems.
  8. Teacher and teaching competencies.
  9. Total quality in education.
  10. Educational evaluation.
  11. Scientific and educational research.
  12. Thinking and creativity in education.
  13. Educational planning.
  14. Career counseling and mentoring.
  15. Knowledge and education programs.
  16. Adult Education.
  17. Kindergarten.
  18. Teaching science.
  19. Teaching mathematics.
  20. Teaching social subjects.
  21. Teaching the Arabic language.
  22. Teaching physical education.


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