General Diploma in Special Education


Diploma objectives :

  1. Familiarity with the concepts, definitions, and theories contained in educational sciences and related to special education
  2. Learn about areas of special education and extraordinary children.
  3. The use of approaches and methods of special education.
  4. Study the role of special education institutions.
  5. Analyzing some interactive relationships such as the school’s relationship with various social institutions and the relationship of educational systems.
  6. Learn about recent trends in special education.
  7. Being able to make comparisons, such as comparing education systems, and curricular organizations.
  8. Creating solutions to overcome educational problems and face professional pressures on the teacher and the impact of contemporary issues and problems on special education.
  9. Being able to evaluate the school’s role in educating the community regarding disabilities.

Courses prescribed in the diploma :

  1. Special Education.
  2. Modify and build behavior.
  3. Speech disorders.
  4. Behavioral disorders.
  5. Awareness of the public in areas of disability.
  6. Mental handicap.
  7. Autistic disorder.
  8. Learning difficulties.


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