General Diploma in Psychology and Mental Health


Diploma objectives :

  1. Learn about contemporary cognitive theories in psychology and mental health.
  2. Familiarity with concepts, definitions, and theories involved in psychological sciences.
  3. Learn about the methods of building psychological measures.
  4. Find ways to deal with various problems.
  5. Using the scientific thinking method in diagnosing, explaining, and overcoming problems.
  6. Learn the psychological theories and facts about the different mental health roles.
  7. Being able to make comparisons in the different branches of psychology and its different roles.
  8. Learn methods of diagnosing and evaluating psychological problems, and knowing methods of treating stress and mental disorders.
  9. The ability to correct the role of mental health in the family and the school in the community.

Courses prescribed in the diploma :

  1. Child’s mental health.
  2. Growth in Psychology.
  3. Behavioral therapy.
  4. School psychological counseling.
  5. The psychology of individual differences.
  6. Psychology of psychological development.
  7. Early Childhood Psychology.
  8. Family counseling.


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