General Diploma in Education

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Diploma objectives :

  1. Familiarity with the concepts, definitions, and theories included in the educational sciences and related to the teaching profession.
  2. Mastering the teaching skills and using the appropriate technological means in practicing it in the teaching and learning process.
  3. Using the scientific thinking method in diagnosing, explaining, and overcoming problems.
  4. Learn the educational theories and facts about the roles of the teacher.
  5. Learn about recent trends in education systems and quality principles.
  6. Being able to make comparisons, such as comparing education systems, and between curricular organizations.
  7. Creating solutions to overcome education problems and continue professional work on the teacher and the impact of this problem.
  8. Being able to correct the school’s role in community development.

Diploma Content :

  1. Teacher and teaching profession.
  2. The education system and contemporary trends.
  3. Education and contemporary issues.
  4. Curriculums.
  5. Teaching Methods.
  6. Microteaching.
  7. Educational Technology.
  8. Educational Supervision.

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